White Ibis adventures | Manvel, Texas Photographer

As we were walking around the lake there was this White Ibis on the edge of the water about 12 feet from me. He looked up to see what I was doing but continued to look for his food poking his long beak in the mud.

The way he was faced the sun side lit him and it made for some beautiful lighting. He was a beautiful bird, but his beak was so dirty from digging down in the mud. Maybe if he had known he was getting his picture taken he would have groomed himself.

I was able to get quite a few pictures of him before he flew up in the tree with the Little Blue Heron. I shot all these pictures with the Canon 400mm 5.6L lens.

We continued on our path around the lake and we ran across another White Ibis who had just caught a crawdad. One thing we learned is they only eat the tails there were 3 other ones on the trail he had already discarded. I guess the left overs get eaten by the scavenger birds.

Morning light changes so quickly but it can be quite beautiful if the birds you are shooting are being side lit by the sun.

Sonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira PhotographySonya Lira Photography


6 thoughts on “White Ibis adventures | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. What a beautiful light, indeed. And nicely crisp images also. I am a bit frustrated these days because I am experiencing focusing problems with my 70-300 🙂 Very good job, Sonya.

    • Have you checked the Diopter on your camera? Recently I thought every picture I took was off focus wise and I checked the diopter and it needed an adjustment for my vision which is getting worse the older I get.
      Thank You.

      • Yes I readjusted it already ’cause I’m getting older too 😀 Unfortunately, the problem comes from that specific lens. Pictures are soft, especially at full length. I used the fine AF tuning on the camera, things go better now but it still focuses slightly before the point. I guess I need to have it serviced or replace it… Thanks a lot for your help and congrats again for the beautiful photographs. Cheers, HC

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