Chasing Dragonflies | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I spent some time last weekend chasing dragonflies. They seem to sense when you are too close to them and they fly away but they usually come right back to the same place.

They were flying all over the place in the backyard and I wanted to see how many different ones I could capture on camera. These were all the small ones not one of the big ones would land I guess they were camera-shy.

Here are some pictures of 4 different ones I was able to capture. Their heads, bodies, tails, and wings were all different.

The thing I find amazing is their faces up close look similar to a dogs face or profile. I never knew that until I was looking at these pictures. You can even see the tiny hairs on their legs and face when you click the image to get the bigger picture.

It is the tiny things in nature that seem to be overlooked but the beauty of nature surrounds us we just need to open our eyes to enjoy it..

 Manvel, Texas Photographer


13 thoughts on “Chasing Dragonflies | Manvel, Texas Photographer

    • We have been in drought for the last couple of months and the mosquitoes pretty much left. Yesterday we got 3 inches of rain and today we got 2 1/4 inches so far. Those dragonflies will be quite happy because when it rains the mosquitoes love it and reappear in numbers. Thanks Tom.

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