A beautiful new day

Every morning we get a bright new sunrise that will be different from any other you have seen. I like to take pictures of a few sunrises each week.

I like it when there are some clouds because that makes the skies a bit more interesting.

In the early morning everything is so quiet and peaceful and the sunrise is there putting on a show. The air is fresh, clean and it is time to start a new day.

Sunrise Manvel, Texas


6 thoughts on “A beautiful new day

  1. Thank you. I thought I had this post set for 5:30 a.m. CST guess not. We have been having some internet issues and they are going to have to replace some lines to the house today. I wanted to make sure to get a post ready for this morning.. Guess I did something wrong or it posted 5:30 a.m. somewhere else lol.

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