Phone pictures vs photographs

I am a photographer and I take a lot of pictures with my cameras. I only use my phone for quick shots of something that I know will not be printed.

I know a lot of people who use their phones for pictures all the time and this bothers me. No one prints from a phone picture so your memories are on your phone. They share them on facebook and that is the end of it. Those pictures will never make it to a photo album they will never be seen again.

Why because someone never bothered picking up a camera to document their memories properly. We have so many family members who do not take the time to get out a real camera.

I love looking back at old pictures from when I was a kid. If there was no one using a camera, this would not be possible. Someone took the time to take some pictures and have them printed and placed them in an album.Those pictures can be shared and passed down for many generations.

Take out your camera and truly document your life, your memories, your children’s lives and your grandchildren. Then have some prints made for a photo album. That way 50 years from now your great grandchildren will have memories of you and your family. They can sit back and laugh about how people were dressed and how the houses look so old fashion. It is worth taking the time to do this.

Phones get outdated, computers crash, but real prints are always there representing the past and the people who lived it.

There is an older song by Nickelback that is called “Photograph” listen to the words and you can understand where I am coming from. It is important to document all your memories properly.


16 thoughts on “Phone pictures vs photographs

  1. I have a wall at my desk covered with pictures I’ve printed from my phone. Friends I miss to my my dog running at the park, spur of the moment memories I would have missed otherwise. I’ve spent a good portion of my life with a camera hanging around my neck and I think there’s a place for both phone and camera. This is a great reminder to actually print our pictures and not just let them sit on a computer and never be seen.

  2. Not necessarily. I take pics with my phone all the time. I also upload them to my computer and print them just like my camera pics. Actually getting them in an album is another story but that has nothing to do with the tool used.

  3. i so agree with you. Iam like very much the old fashion way to print them out and put them up on my wall. I also take pictures from my phone but more the oh i wann hold that moment and dont have my camera right now with me. But thats it, no professional picture from it, for that i have my camera .

  4. I agree, I recently lost a computer and a memory card with some pictures of family members and am heartbroken! Those pictures are gone and I can’t get them back. It is a reminder to print and/or store them. I am an amateur with photography and use 2 outdated Kodaks with Schneider Kreuznach lenses that I love. I bought an LG phone with a Schneider Kreuznach lens and love it, but it is preset for photos geared towards social media. Now I find myself carrying one of my Kodaks and my phone and taking pictures with both so I don’t miss anything!

  5. I use my phone for photos a lot and then I make a photo book of special trips or family events so that I have the memories in a printed form It takes time but works for me.

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