Giant statue silhouette | Manvel, Texas Photographer

There he stood this giant statue 76 feet tall of “Stephen F. Austin”  the father of Texas.

This statue’s details and size are truly amazing. The artist was David Adickes who also built a statue of Sam Houston for outside of Huntsville, Texas.

I knew I wanted to take pictures of this statue, but I had not thought about taking a silhouette until I saw just that as we drove up to the statue in Angleton.

If you want to take a silhouette then the background needs to be brighter than what you are shooting it creates a shadow in the front. Just like when you stand in front of the sun and see your shadow on the ground.

Use your camera to meter the brightest area of the background then take the picture in front of the subject and you will get a silhouette. It is a great trick to learn to do with your camera and it is a lot of fun. Profile images are especially great since they show more detail.

Shadows and silhouette’s have both always amazed me.

Silhouette Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer



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