Daisy at the beach

Saturday morning we got up early to see the sunrise at the beach. Since our closest beach is about one hour away we left the house about 5:40 a.m. the sunrise was going be around 6:46 a.m.

This was Daisy’s first trip to the beach. She loved it she drank the salt water, ran in it while on a leash, laid in it and mostly just watched people.

I wanted to take a few pics of her in the water. We kept her on the leash so we could keep up with her. I cloned out her leash in these pics.

In the first picture, she’s watching people as they walk by and growling under her breath. Not because she’s mean just because she’s very protective if any of these people had stopped and talked to her she would have melted in place. She loves everyone and especially those who pay her attention. She adores kids and she saw a boy who she thought was our grandson Andrew her nubble tail was wagging ninety to nothing until she realized it was not him.

The second picture someone was walking their dog on a leash she appears to be sticking her tongue out at another dog. I have no idea why she did that, but this is just part of her personality.

Watching the sunrise at the beach was amazing. It was some special time that we all needed. It was time to just breathe, think, and move on with another week.

Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer


Manvel, Texas Photographer


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