Playing with Sheep | Texas Livestock Photographer


Yesterday I was playing around with a picture of a sheep. I wanted to see what I could do to change the picture and make it more creative.

I have quite a few programs, filters and plug – ins I can use. I actually had the free trial versions of Topaz Detail, Clarity, and Simplify. I know these will work in Photo Shop but I am not sure about what other programs they might work in.

On this first picture, I used  Topaz Clarity most of all the filters and plugs – in I use you can adjust the settings until you like the way it looks on your image. This is because not all pictures will need the same settings.

The second picture I used Topaz Simplify and did a few minor adjustments. This is more like a painting, but I love the look because it is so soft and natural looking.

The third picture I used On One Photo Tools Professional edition it is a plug – in Editor for Photo Shop. I used several filters in there on this picture. Hollywood Intensity, Ortons and and a Overlay.

Sometimes it is fun to step outside of the box of normal every day editing and get creative and have a little fun with your pictures.

Texas Sheep
Texas SheepTexas Sheep



8 thoughts on “Playing with Sheep | Texas Livestock Photographer

  1. I think I do like the second one best, although I would know it was filtered (and not judge! Sometimes, as you say, it’s good to shake things up!) lately, I think photo editing itself is becoming a big of its own art form.

      • When the purpose of a photograph is to be a photograph, I agree the less extreme the better, but it’s interesting to see sometimes what people can transform them into. Then again, I’m still not on Instagram because I came to associate the whole site with those filters my Facebook friends just overdid!

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