Friends at the bird feeder | Texas Wildlife Photographer

Many times the doves will leave the bird feeders when the blue jays show up.

These two birds acted like were a couple of friends having a get together at the bird feeder to eat and chat. I like to see them act like friends instead of the blue jay being the dominant one.

Appreciation for nature and what she has to offer is either who you are or not. I learned to appreciate nature from some of the best my grandmother and my dad.

Manvel, Texas Photographer


4 thoughts on “Friends at the bird feeder | Texas Wildlife Photographer

  1. We have a family of doves that have taken over our bird feeders. The small birds, like the chickadees, are unable to get any seeds. I have to go out and chase away the doves.

  2. The doves are always in large groups I have posted pics before with the 3 feeders super crowded from them. The last week or so it has not been like that which is good. If I were you I would add a flat type feeder somewhere else for the doves the smaller birds can eat there. My feeders are the bottoms for flower pots the terra cotta ones drilled to 4 x 4 post. I think they make them in plastic as well I know drilling them can be tricky.

  3. Betty, they do eat different seeds, but older blue jays run the other birds off from the feeders not sure why they are such bullies. Nice picture of the Rock squirrel at the feeder caught a squirrel in ours last month..

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