Back porch makeover | Sonya Lira Photography

Our back porch had a natural wood floor and some thick curtains. Everything was beige and brown and I was quite tired of it. It was time for a makeover and it needed some color pop.

I knew I wanted something bright and fresh looking. I used two colors you see together sometimes but not too often. The porch is 15 feet x 20 feet which is really perfect for get together’s.

We stained the floor with a solid color stain it was Cape Cod Gray by Olympic we had picked this up at Lowes. It turned out great we used two thin coats with a roller. I highly recommend this product.

The curtains I had ordered online at Ikea they are thin and flow well when there is a breeze they remind me of cabana curtains. When I found them I knew they would complete the look.

The small table was a glass top table and my husband spray painted the entire thing red and now it looks like it’s a vintage metal one. Everything that is red and turquoise we painted.The child’s wooden chair I picked up for a few dollars at a local junk store.

I made the sign using a canvas and wooden letters. I glued them on with E-6000 glue. The first time I painted it I did not like the way it turned out so I had to redo it and the letters were already glued on. The lesson I learned was it was much easier to paint the letters before gluing them on.

The wicker furniture and the vintage coke cooler we already had. I knew someday that coke cooler would come in handy again. Now it is used as a back porch ice chest.

Many years ago my grandfather had gotten me a vintage church pew it has been in several rooms in our house over the years and now were using it on the back porch. I believe I remember his saying someone had taken some large church pews and cut them down to smaller sizes. This was the first time it has been painted.. I still need to make the cushion it will be the red/white chevron. I am looking at no sew options since I do not like to sew.

I have been looking for new c-shaped cushion covers or cheap cushions but so far no luck. We have 6 wicker chairs out there and I am not one to pay $35.00 – $45.00 per cushion. For now they are just fabric wrapped and it works out okay. Hopefully someone will be running a cushion sale sooner than later.We have a few more odds and ends to do on the porch and it is complete.

This is just part of our backyard makeover there will be more pictures soon on what else we have been up to.

Manvel, Texas Photographer

Manvel, Texas Photographerporch3

Sonya Lira Photography



15 thoughts on “Back porch makeover | Sonya Lira Photography

  1. Very welcoming! Looks great, Sonya. We miss the screened porch of our previous house. We have many, many flies and mosquitoes here and have (mostly) just gotten used to them instead.

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