The dragonfly encounter | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I saw this dragonfly laying on our driveway so I picked it up because I thought it was dead. Then I realized it was alive but wounded. I sat him down to see if he would fly off, but he kept trying but could not get off the ground.

He kept turning his head to the side looking at me. It was as if this dragonfly put his trust in me when he looked at me and it touched my heart deeply. I came into the house and looked up what contact with a dragonfly meant because I knew it had to mean something.

They say contact with a  dragonfly will bring peace to a grieving soul. This is to remind us that those we love are not far away even after their death. Thank you, Dad I needed that.

There are always dragonflies flying around our back yard near our pond. They often land on the horsetail plants because they are tall.

I am glad I was able to take pictures of this one because this was my first close encounter with a dragonfly.Now that I know the meaning behind that encounter it soothes my soul.


Manvel, Texas Photographer


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