Dew Drop | Manvel, Texas Photographer

This is the Golden Dew Drop also known as Durantha.

I have photographed this plant often but never when it was starting to fruit golden-colored fruit. I just happen to notice it when I took these pictures.

This plant grows up and then the limbs drop down it looks as though it is raining those branches of tiny purple flowers. I love the way it looks. We might try to root some from the one we have.

If you have a place you can use something that requires full sun this one’s a beauty.

Manvel, Texas Photographer Dewdrop2SonyaLiraPhotography


8 thoughts on “Dew Drop | Manvel, Texas Photographer

    • It is sort of like a tree bush type thing. When I bought this one about 5 yrs ago it was in the form of a tree it was trained that way. Well we did not keep up the trimming and its more a tree bush now lol. Thank You.

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