Little boys and fishing | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Andrew turned four- years old in March I had taken these pictures a few months ago and never posted them.Capturing a child doing something they truly enjoy is what makes the best photo sessions.

When you have been fishing for years and your only four years old that makes you an expert. He told me that you do not smile while you are fishing and turned his back as though he was a serious fisherman. Then he gave me that very serious face like I was interrupting his concentration. I finally did manage to get a cute smile after I made him laugh about something.

Teaching a child to fish is something they will always remember. Teaching them about the types of fish in freshwater and saltwater turns into a lesson that is easily learned. Children absorb what you teach them and every child should have the chance to know as much as possible even before starting school.

There is something about children and fishing that is so special. I think it is about spending that special time with them and teaching them something new. Learning to relax and having fun while spending time outdoors.Fishing is about patience and learning to wait for the fish to bite.

Andrew is our only grandson and he keeps us all on our toes. He will correct you if you use incorrect vocabulary and his general knowledge on numerous subjects will amaze anyone. He started reading a few months ago and he is quite excited about that. The magazine covers at the check-out lines are his new thing he stands there sounding them out as people around him are amazed.

I know it sounds crazy to think that a four- year old is reading, but he really is and we are so proud of him.



Manvel, Texas Portrait Photographer



4 thoughts on “Little boys and fishing | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. These are absolutely precious. You have actually got my wheels turning and are inspiring a blog post of my own. Would you mind if I linked this up and gave credit for where the inspiration came from?

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