Connections | #1000Voices

We all have connections with family, friends, and fellow bloggers.

Social media has allowed us to make friends with people who have the same interest as we do. I have met many bloggers, photographers as well as many Marine moms. I have also met people who are compassionate towards animals such as I am. Without social media and my blog, these connections would not be possible.

How much effort we put into those connections is up to us. I think everyone needs to make an effort to connect to others.There is always someone new to connect to and you might find out you have a lot more in common than you thought. Take the time to comment on a blog post it could make a huge difference for someone.

I think often times families lose their connections due to the distance that separates them. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can never get back that connection. When you move away from home it is up to you to keep that connection with your parents after all you’re the one that moved not them.

My parents, use to travel over 300 miles to visit their parents in Louisiana when we moved to Texas. They wanted us to keep that relationship with our grandparents so they made sure to take us back about every 3 months. During the summer, we would spend anywhere from a few weeks to a month with our grandparents.They did not want us to lose that connection and we never did.

A grandparent’s relationship is very special one with their grandchildren and the parents are in control of making this effort, not the children. Take the time to make this happen and remember both sides of the family matter, not just one.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can never get back that connection it seems to be lost. It is easier to connect with friends and fellow bloggers than it is family.


I wrote this blog post to connect to #1000 Voices see their link below if you want to join us. Today’s topic was about connections. #1000 Voices




4 thoughts on “Connections | #1000Voices

  1. Connections are important. It is all part of our shared humanity. And you are right, every time we click “Post Comment” we are connecting to another human.:)

  2. Sonya, this post is so heart-warming… You hit key points in my life that are so true. I moved away from my family yet, we see each other often.. at least every 4-5 months, and especially since my mom moved here with me. Somebody is always on the road. That family connection is so important in today’s world. Although we have our social family, our friends family, we also need to make every effort for the real family connection. I’m truly thankful for the blog-friends that I’ve met and connected with (such as you) it really pulls our world closer together and make me realize.. there are more friends out there to find (even if I don’t see them on a regular basis). Peace to you my dear….and stay connected. 🙂

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