Off Season

This week’s photo challenge on Daily Post is Off-Season

Last December I took this picture of these watermelons and wrote a blog post about it.

We live in Texas and we buy a lot of watermelons in the late spring and summer. Last year all the ones I bought were Texas watermelons. We threw out the watermelon rinds in the pasture for the birds and wildlife and in about 6 weeks or so we noticed we had watermelon vines.

This picture shows a wagon full and there were about 20 more in the off- season. We ate as many as we could, but many went to waste.

We laid the rinds upside down this time hoping they would come back again. There are a few coming back up in the original location, but we have not seen any in the new location.

Who would think you could have watermelons in the month of December in Texas.

Sonya Lira Photography




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