Things get in the way | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Often times, when I see the perfect picture something is in my way. It could be power lines, fences a building etc. Those things in my pictures really bug me if they are Taking away from my picture.

On this particular day, I wanted to get a picture of this tree standing all alone in this flooded pasture. You can tell how deep the water was because in the bottom left-hand side of the picture those three dark circles are tops of the fence post.This water was part of the over flow from the Brazos River into this pasture.

This picture was taken in Rosharon, Texas.

I only spent a few minutes on the editing, but it made a big difference in the final picture.Without the power lines, there are no distractions from this lone tree and it’s reflection in the water.

I use Adobe Lightroom for my first edits and I finish up in Corel Paint Shop Pro or  Adobe Photoshop.

Don’t let something get in the way of the pictures you truly see just edit it out and then you will have the perfect picture.

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9 thoughts on “Things get in the way | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. Yes, the removal of the power lines makes a big difference. I was surprised to see ads on your blog, I thought there was no ads if you had a dot com address. Well I am just a new blogger trying to learn the ropes.

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