Texas and the Brazos River| Sonya Lira Photography

The Brazos River is the longest river in Texas. It has a watershed that stretches 1,050 miles from New Mexico to the Gulf of Mexico. The mouth of the Brazos ends up in the Gulf of Mexico just southeast of Freeport.

Many lakes and creeks feed into the Brazos River from the Texas hill country down to the coast.. With the recent flooding in Texas, all that water ends up into the Brazos. That in turn makes a river that is normally very low spill out of its banks and it causes flooding  all across the state.

Here a few pictures of the Brazos River in the Needville area. As you can see the river is out of its banks and spilling over in the nearby pastures. Normally this river is so low you can see a lot of red clay dirt on the sides and the river looks like a stream running through its walls. Right now this river is now about 50 – feet deep and its currents and flow are very swift and very dangerous.

The first picture is at the bridge at FM 1462 near Needville this is on the right-hand side heading toward Rosharon. The second picture is the left-hand side. Notice how the river curves opposite directions. The entire Brazos River does a lot of twist and turns all across the state of Texas.

Floods like this cause many deaths and a lot of destruction.Often times after these floods many trees, boards and junk will end up on the beach in Surfside at Freeport. This trash has traveled all the way down the Brazos river from the hill country.

Sonya Lira Photography Brazos River Needville Texas May 2015

Sonya Lira Photography Brazos River May 2015


6 thoughts on “Texas and the Brazos River| Sonya Lira Photography

  1. What is so odd is normally it is like a tiny stream amongst red clay walls and now it is so deep I mean 50 feet deep very dangerous for sure. Some people will be stupid and try to fish or kayak in this thing. As of today it is not raining.

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