Texas size bull | Manvel, Texas Photographer

We are so blessed to live in the country and I would not have it any other way.

Behind us is this great big pasture of Bahia grass that gets bailed a few times a year. I think the field is about thirty acres. About ten acres over from where I was standing there are some cows, calves, and a bull. These barns, fences, and pastures are all well maintained. That is when you know someone really cares about their place and how things look.

I happen to be out in our pasture when I saw the bull going to get a drink. I had to take a few shots of him on his way back. He is a great big muscular bull. I think he could possibly be a Simmental breed.

The air is clean and fresh and every new day greets you with the sounds of nature.

The best part of country living is when you can look across the pasture and see the bull, cows and calves grazing for the day.

Manvel, Texas Photographer



4 thoughts on “Texas size bull | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. stunning picture 🙂 I grew up in a small country and remember how beautiful my day been, collection potatoes from our lil farm land or, try to sell worms to passengers on the road lol 🙂 every kid should live for a certain time in nature.

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