White – Winged Dove | Brazoria County Photographer

The white – winged dove is a beautiful dove with bright blue rings around its eyes and its wings are tipped in white.

These doves were eating at the feeders and I could not resist getting a few shots of them. Doves frequent our feeders a lot more than anything else.

I get to see four species of dove the mourning, the inca, eurasian collared and the white – winged dove. I know there are a few more species in Texas but this is all I have seen here in Manvel.

Take the time to get to know the birds in your area and learn a little bit about them. I still have trouble identifying a few species of birds. I try to look them up and I can not always find them. I call those my mystery birds. I saw two of those a few days ago.

Sonya Lira Photography Manvel, Texas



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