A bog for a pond

Building a bog for a pond is really pretty easy.

You will need pea gravel and more pea gravel. The bog has to be higher than the pond. Twelve inches of gravel will make up  your bog. The water will really just skim the surface.  A bog will consist of gravel, plants and a pump and this becomes a giant filter for your pond.

Our pond stays clear from this filter allowing us to see and enjoy our fish. There is no need to add color to the water because it looks awful.

We plant a lot of different plants in our pond. We have to thin them out 3 times a year because once there two thick the gravel can not work properly. We also vacuum out the bog a few times a  year to clean the rocks and give that water to our plants in the area.

The fish can eat the good algae in the pond or I can feed them I opt to feed them every other day and once it’s hotter I move that to every few days. Over feeding makes the pond water cloudy.

Bog plants and pond plants are quite expensive to buy and we seem to grow them quite well. I am thinking about selling our excess ones this year. A very small horsetail sells for $8.00 as you can see ours are quite tall and we even made another bog with no filter to hold the extra plants.

As you can see the iris bulbs do quite well in the pond and add a bit of color.

Manvel, Texas Photographer


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