Water birds | Manvel,Texas Photographer

We have several nice parks and reserves close to home. This week I visited one of the parks with lakes and I found these quite unusual birds.

I have never seen these birds before so I had to look them up. Their face looked more like a vulture with a long orange beak that was hooked on the end. They had black duck feet which told me they were a water bird.

These are  “Neotropic Cormorant” and I was able to capture some nice pictures of them even though it was very cloudy. Normally I would not shoot pictures when it is this cloudy.  I love shooting when it’s slightly overcast.The crooked tala tree limb made for an interesting prop for the birds to be photographed on.

Every day we have the chance to discover something new that nature has to offer we just have to open our eyes and take the time to notice it.


water bird Texas

water bird Texas






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