Painting with pictures | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I have three editing programs I use and I do not use all on every image it really depends on what I am trying to do.

I always start out in Adobe Lightroom because I upload my images into that program and do most editing in there. For anything that requires special effects I move into  Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro and that depends on what I am doing.

In Photoshop it comes with a lot of extras and you can add plenty more extras filters and plug-ins. I wanted to try a few things with this duck picture so I used some of the extra filters I had. This is my version of a Monet style painting. The nice things about these filters is you can adjust most anything about them and make them your own. This only took about 3 tries to get it like I wanted it.

Every picture will turn out different using the same filter because the filters accent different things by the light and contrast in the image.

Click the picture to make it bigger to see the detail in painting.

Two ducks in the park that had no idea they would turn into a painting. I really like the way this one turned out.

Sonya Lira Photography Painting.




11 thoughts on “Painting with pictures | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. I use PS CS5. I rarely do anything other than simple cropping, maybe a little bit of “levels” and possibly unsharpen mask. But when i do it’s great to have a powerful program. Years ago PS5 was $600. I bought a very early high end photo printer printer for on sale for $400 which had an upgrade to full PS for $100. So it was like buying full PS for $100 off and getting a high end printer for free! Since then I upgrade when I get the message that this is the last chance to update my version of PS. I love the program. At my “camp” on Cape Cod I use the Gimp for very, very basic editing.

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