Two Cardinals | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Every day is a new day at the bird feeders you never really know what you might see.

I was able to capture and female and a male cardinal at the same feeder.Most of the time they are at different ones.

If you look by the male red birds face you will see a sunflower seed he just lost while eating.

The sounds of nature in the early morning is such a beautiful thing to hear.



Cardinals Manvel, Texas Sonya Lira Photography


8 thoughts on “Two Cardinals | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. Great capture! Birds aren’t dumb about eating. They know if they’re directly above a feeding dish that they can afford to be a bit careless with the seeds! My pet parrots are very calculating with the way they eat!

  2. We have a cockatiel named Lemon and a Nanday Conure named Kiwi he is picky eater. He will not eat fruity smelling seed he prefers Encore brand for cockatiels he does not want the parrot one lol. He does not eat all the seed. I in turn dump his food bowl into a container for the outside birds. They eat it lol.

    Thanks Thomas.

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