Buzzard news wire | Texas Photographer

These buzzards were on the telephone pole in the corner of our front yard. It looked like they were having a meeting.

Were they a family of six or just a group of birds who landed in the same place?                 I thought it quite interesting there were six of them. Notice the one hiding behind the telephone pole  I am sure we all know someone like that.

Some people call them buzzards and other people will call them vultures either way they are the same bird and they give me the creeps.I hate to seem the flying over in a large group because then you know something nearby is dead.

I do think this picture turned out quite nice for it to be some creepy birds gossiping.

Sonya Lira Photography Texas


13 thoughts on “Buzzard news wire | Texas Photographer

  1. Cool shot!
    In the movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Clint Eastwood, (in rationalizing why he need not bury the men he shot) says: “‘Hell with them fellas. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.”… then spits on the dead man’s forehead.

  2. We don’t have these birds in England but I found the image to be rather haunting. I suppose yes that is because there must be something dead nearby. Nice shot though if you don’t mind me saying.

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