Kaleidoscope of art | Brazoria County Photographer

This is  a picture of some sort of Texas weed. I was walking around the yard and pasture yesterday and found it. I used my macro lens for this picture.

When I saw this flower it I knew I wanted to play with it in an art sense.That and the fact a few of my fellow bloggers have been playing with their images lately.

The Kaleidoscope intrigues me. It is the way they change when you turn them and how you can never get it to do the same thing twice. I wanted to show a few samples of what I did with this picture. All I did was change the settings to get a different picture. This could have gone on forever, but I just wanted to show you a few of them.

Which one is your favorite? I love the last one.

Photography is art and art is photography. The only difference is the tools used to create it.

Texas WeedKaleidoscopeKaleidoscopeKaleidoscope



11 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope of art | Brazoria County Photographer

    • They are a cute little weed lol. We do not not mow the wild flowers either. When my husband mowed the pasture there was nowhere as much clover as usual. He left some mounds of clover for the honey bees.
      Thank you Shannon.

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