Gators in the sun | Brazos Bend State Park

When we were out at Brazos Bend State Park last week it was a warm sunny day. On days like that you are guaranteed to see some alligators.

We really were not prepared for them to be so close to where we had to walk. There were several on the trails. Some were taking up more of the trails than this one.

The second picture was a younger gator that was probably about 2- 3 years old. It takes gators some time to get big.

Even gators enjoy a nice warm day and they love to bask in the sun.

Alligator Texas Sonya Lira PhotographyAlligator Texas Sonya Lira Photography


10 thoughts on “Gators in the sun | Brazos Bend State Park

  1. Nice to see your frequenting BBSP! That place is truly magical for us a family. We are actually bummed if we don’t come away with at least a 20-count on the gators.

    Here’s one from last year ( with a good-sized female, but if you click on the “alligator” tag, you’ll see a few of the posts are from our backyard — our favorite. Beautiful creatures.

    • I have been able to get much better pics in the past I do believe I posted them on this blog. The sun was so bright I think beause it had been awhile since we had seen the sun lol. Great pics you have.. We love going out to BBSP.

  2. The first time about 22 years ago I saw my first one out there it about scared me to death.We were out there with our 4 kids. These gators are use to foot traffic a lot of people run, jog and ride bikes through this park and the trails near the lakes and swamps. I am not saying I would trust them I never trust anything wild lol.

      • I wondered about the exact speed of these critters. They really do frighten me. And they really do fascinate me because they have stayed since prehistoric times.

      • This is at a Texas state park and they are use to people being around and especially photographers. What is bad is the people who try to feed them there are signs everywhere they say do not feed the gators. I think you just have to respect them, keep enough distance and do not feed them. I once saw a young man try to grab one by the tail. Some people are not very smart.

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