Paper Whites | Sonya Lira Photography

These paper white flowers originated in my great grandmother’s yard in Louisiana many years ago. My grandmother had gotten some of the bulbs from her mom and had them for years.

One time my grandmother gave me this old tea kettle well inside it was these bulbs.  Many years later I decided to plant them to see what they were. When they came up I realized they were paper whites. My mom told me the story about the paper white bulbs and how they were really 75 or more years old. I guess bulbs are never to old to plant.

They only bloom one time a year and that is always in late January. I wish they bloomed longer because they really are a beautiful flower.

My bulbs have since multiplied times a few hundred. I have shared my bulbs with my mom and my sister. Now we all have a little bit of my great grandmother’s yard in our yard.


Paper white flower

Paper white flower





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