Gallery Wall | Sonya Lira Photography

This is my new gallery wall in my office. I wanted all the pictures Black and White on the dark gray wall.

We have been remodeling the office and when we are done I will take some pictures.

We have always had gallery walls there are three in our home. One is in the den that is assorted pictures sizes, color and black and whites. They are in different frames. I have one in bedroom that is smaller but a bit different. I also had one in this office before that involved large pictures,frames and mats

This one is just different and minimal and that is why I like it so much.

These are pictures of the grandchildren. I wanted close up pictures of each one in a 11 x 14 and a group picture of each set beside those in a 11 x 14. I was lucky enough recently to get a group of them all and that is my 20 x 30 in the middle.

These are mounted on foam core board. If anyone is interested in how to do this send me a message.

Often times people take pictures but never get them printed. Everyone deserves to see their walls full of their art.



6 thoughts on “Gallery Wall | Sonya Lira Photography

  1. I agree about putting photos up. Don’t let digital images be enjoyed only from a computer screen! We too have a gallery wall with more than 60 photos on it and I have plans to do one or two more.

    • So many people never print their pictures it is so sad. My problem is I print large pictures and now I am going to give them to the grandkids because they are taking over my storage in my drafting table I use.

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