Merry Christmas | Brazoria County Photographer

I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. If you are traveling please be safe.

I have a few pictures to share of our three youngest grandchildren they are all siblings. Andrew is 3 years and  9 months, Sophia ( left) and Karina (right) are almost 9 months old.

I wanted their group picture to be something unique and something I had not seen done before. I found the girls Dalmation outfits and then I knew what our theme would be. I love Andrew’s dimples and that sneaky little smile. He is quite use to my camera. The girls are always curious in the studio and amazed by the lights. I just wish they would smile in the studio.

The suckers were a bit heavy for the girls so I ended up breaking them to get a few more reactions from them. I never thought I would get one of Karina sticking her tongue out.

Merry Christmas from Texas!

Sonya Lira Photography

First Christmas pictures Manvel Texas Photographer

First Christmas Sonya Lira Photography


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