Ready, Set, Jump |Pet Photographer

Photographing dogs can be so much fun.

This image was actually shot last year and I recently ran across it.

A boxer in the studio can offer a great challenge. Daisy is a hyper active dog and is always jumping, running, and rolling around.

Can you tell which image is actually the real one?

When taking pictures of dogs try to make it fun for them by using toys that squeak to get their attention. Always use treats as a reward.

When looking for a photographer make sure you pick one that will take the time to capture you dogs true personality. This shot actually catches Daisy’s true personality and shows how active she really is. I love this picture.

Pet Photography Manvel, Texas

Manvel,Texas Photographer




6 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Jump |Pet Photographer

  1. The top version looks like “Super Daisy” flying through the air. I saw it fist, before I read the post or saw the other picture and thought, “How in the world did she do that?”

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