Black and White | Sonya Lira Photography

The doves have been quite hungry I think it is because the weather has gotten a little bit cooler. They dig in the seed and throw it as seen in this picture. I have not noticed the other birds doing this.

I have taken some amazing shots this week of them in landing and taking off from the feeders. Some dove share really well and others do not like sharing.

I played with this picture in color & black and white. The black and white looked good. Then I decided to add an overlay to see what that looked like. It was amazing what that texture did to this image. I think the texture accented the movement of the birds wings.

Not every picture looks great in black and white and not every picture looks good with an overlay. This one I liked a lot and I might have to get a large print of it for our home.

Doves Sonya Lira Photography


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