Hummingbird buzz | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Our hummingbirds prefer our blooming plants over the feeders. Right now there are so many things blooming it is very easy to get their pictures.

Last night I went outside hoping to get a few shots and I did. I will try to get some more tonight. They were only about 8 – 10 feet  from me.

I love the buzz of the hummingbirds as they whiz by your head you can feel their speed. Such beauty and grace in such a tiny little bird.

sonyaliraphotography hummingbird


15 thoughts on “Hummingbird buzz | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. I don’t know if you saw my post on the hummingbird banding down in Lake Jackson. If not, you might like it! We are also enjoying these little beauties. They buzz around our heads, oblivious to us as we watch from the back porch swing.

    That is one beautiful, crisp shot. What kind of flowers are those?

    • Thank You. This is a golden dewdrop. They can be a tree or a bush it was a tree last year but the last trimming it became a bush lol. I love photographing the flowers on it. I will have to read your hummingbird post sounds interesting.

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