Boxer time |Brazoria County Pet Photographer

I love trying to get some great close up pictures of Miss. Daisy. This is not always easy because she is very active and hyper.

Yesterday she had been playing in the sand with Andrew our grandson. I am not sure who had the most sand on them. All of a sudden she wanted to play fetch that was when I decided to come in the house and grab my camera. I knew she was a bit worn out from all that digging and I could actually get her to sit still for a few minutes.

It was an overcast day and late in the afternoon when these pictures were taken. I used my Canon 100 mm 2.8L Macro lens. This lens shows such great detail including the grains of sand on her face and nose.

I love the creamy bokeh in the first image and the fact she is showing her teeth and appears to be smiling. This is her anticipation look. Her expression in the second image is one of my favorite looks we get from her. It reminds me of someone who forgot to put in their false teeth. In the third image I love how she only bent back one ear. I think she was thinking I am about to yank that ball right out of your hand. Where as the fourth image is like I am getting so bored.

When taking pictures of your pets you will have better luck if there is someone to get the pets attention while you are taking the pictures. It is quite hard to do both at the same time. Play time is a great time to get your pets pictures just remember to let them play for a while first so there not overly excited.

Try your best to capture your pets true personality in the pictures you take because that is the ones you will love the most.


BoxerSonyaLiraPhotography1Texas pet photographer Boxer

Texas Pet Photographer BoxerTexas pet photographer Boxer


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