Another new day | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Everyday is a new day. It is a fresh start and we should always make the best of it.

Live each day to your fullest and always remember tomorrow may never come.



6 thoughts on “Another new day | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. Fantastic horizon shot! We sit outside at pre-dawn and post-sunset practically every day to enjoy in person; our little thanks for the day. Sometimes, the sky is so dramatic that I want to get in my car and find a wide open space (like yours) to catch its colors and essence. We have way too many obstructions where we are.

    “Learn from the past, think for the future, but live in the moment.” ~ Unknown

  2. Shannon, I am so lucky there is 30 acres behind us vacant, mowed and well maintained. I get the best shots there. I even got some through the vines this morning. Every sunrise and sunset are so different. I love the clouds in this one that is what makes the picture. Often time we do not have those clouds in the early a.m.

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