My Dad Was My Hero | Sonya Lira Photography

My dad passed away September 1, 2014  from Esophageal Cancer he was 74 years old. He and my mom were married for 55 years.

Dad was diagnosed in late July and had completed 2 weeks of radiation and 1 week of chemo. We were very blessed that my dad was in no pain and at home when he passed away.

This happened much faster than we thought it would and it was way to soon. Nothing could prepare us for this to happen so quickly.

My parents and I have spent a lot of time together through the years. This time will forever be etched in my mind, our children’s mind and our grandchildren’s minds. All the great lessons we learned from them both are priceless.

Time is something you can never get back you have to grab it while you have the chance. Before you know there is no more time left and you can never go back to make up for lost time.

My dad was always my hero.

Memories are part of the past but forever cherished in our hearts. Please keep my family in your prayers.








21 thoughts on “My Dad Was My Hero | Sonya Lira Photography

  1. Sonya, please accept my sincerest condolences. This is never an easy time, but it’s always a good time to take stock of life and remember the good times. This is a very nice portrait, and I’m sure you’re happy to have it.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. I am so very sorry for your loss. Please extend my sympathies to your mother and your family as well. You will need many prayers, many hugs and many tears to get through this loss. Hugs to you! Deb

  3. I lost my hero that was my dearest lovely Dad 4 and half years ago now so I totally understand. Im posting months after so I hope your tears have lessened and you take care ofd your Mum. So very hard, if ever you need a shoulder……

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