Raccoon’s in the backyard | Manvel,Texas Photographer

This is one of several raccoon’s my dad has been feeding for a few years.They live behind their house and they know when it is feeding time.

Raccoon’s tend to be a bit shy and are easily scared off. I had to be quite and not make any sudden movements so I could get a few pictures. I love this one with his tongue hanging out.

I guess my Dad has named a few of them because he said this one was not Bandit. Maybe this one was Rocky I will have to ask him.

I plan on trying to get a few more pictures. I know there are more raccoon’s I would love to get group shot.

Texas Raccoon Sonya Lira Photography


8 thoughts on “Raccoon’s in the backyard | Manvel,Texas Photographer

  1. Wow, I have never known anyone to feed racoons, they can be such a pest, people don’t want them hanging around, their faces are so cute 🙂

    • Well they have come up closer to the house but not bothered anyone or anything. Its there way to tell him ” hey its feeding time”. Dad has actually enjoyed the raccoons a lot they do not have any dogs or cats just the coons and the birds he feeds.

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