Traveling in Groups | Manvel, Texas Photographer

This is a type of thin scrappy looking blackbird.

I know these birds were not a Crow, Starling, Grackle or Raven. Crow, Starlings and Ravens are a darker black and Grackles have the pretty colors in the feathers. These birds were thinner they traveled in a group and were not that healthy looking like most of the blackbirds look. If you know what they are please let me know.

Our wild birds have been planting some seeds for us.. I guess it is their way of saying thank you for the seed we give them. This year we have had about twelve sunflowers pop up in random areas close to the feeders. They are small sunflower and the lighter yellow ones.

I like the picture of the three birds because it looks like three different sizes of birds. Maybe it was mama, daddy and baby. The younger one was waiting to be fed you can tell by his face. They found our cat food and loved it in fact they cleaned out the bowl. The last picture is where the older bird was feeding the younger one.

I find all kinds of new birds at the feeder every week some are just prettier than others.


Birds Sonya Lira Photography

Bird Sonya Lira Photography

Two birds Sonya Lira Photography





13 thoughts on “Traveling in Groups | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. Great-tailed grackles, female and two juveniles. The golden eye gives hem away — only the males has the signature boat-shaped tail. Great captures! They are beautiful and wonderfully adaptable birds. One of the few that live side-by-side with Homo sapiens, depending on us even.

    • They did not look like the Grackles I have taken pics of before that have the beautiful colors and are healthy looking.

      • I enjoyed your other photo as well! To the babies’ credit, they often do not look “healthy” as they shed their baby feathers for adult ones (these all may all be first-year juvs). Three juv cardinals on our property are not looking the best — though they are foraging and being fed by Dad — and the male in particular looks the rattiest as he is in between browns and reds. In a few months, though, I expect he will be that brilliant beautiful red we all think of.

    • I agree about the juveniles but our red bird juvenile ones look healthy lol. These are just some scrappy birds lol.

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