Grape Harvest | Sonya Lira Photography

We have eighteen grape plants that are about four years old.

We built a large arbor that is about 12 foot wide x 25 foot long and 10 foot high.The grapes seem to grow inside the arch of the arbor which makes it perfect for photographing them.  There is a nice shade under the arbor the grape leaves are large and cover nicely.

We picked three gallons this year and left another two gallons on the vines for the wildlife. With my shoulder surgery I could not pick anything above waist level.

Last year my mother in law made wine from the grapes. This year my mom, daughter and I will make grape jelly from the ones we picked.  We have made mulberry jelly and blackberry jelly in the past.

There are at least eight varieties of grapes we have growing including a few green eating grapes. Those have not done very good. We started this project to have a nice covered arbor and we ended up being able to grow them quite well.

Planting something that fruits is always rewarding. Our next project is to  plant some fruit trees.

Grapes Sonya Lira PhotographyGrapes Sonya Lira PhotographyGrapes Sonya Lira Photography





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