Pink Ruffles | Manvel, Texas Photographer

The crepe myrtles are blooming in Texas.

We have several colors of the crepe myrtles this particular one is ” Tuscarora “. It has flowers the color of watermelon and is one of the most popular colors you will see. Our plan this year is to try to find some of the dark red ones.

Having a lot of color in your yard is really worth the investment. It is like walking outside and seeing a new color everyday.

Crepe Myrtles Sonya Lira Photography



15 thoughts on “Pink Ruffles | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. So beautiful; we have both the pink and white variety at our home. Such a lovely capture With a notable absence of the busy bees. Where oh where have they all gone?

  2. I have no idea. We had a pasture full of clover and tons of bees.I started hearing them buzzing around the deck etc the last few weeks… So there still there but have no clover anymore.. We do not mow the clover so we can help the bees. I have lots of blooming things for them to pollinate. I hope you can figure out whats going on. Does anyone by you have bee hives?

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