Rose Drops | Manvel, Texas Photography

It was a foggy morning and that always means there will be dew on everything around.

There was so much dew from a distance it actually resembled frost. I took about ten pictures and tried different angles with the light and finally found the angle I wanted.

I shoot in RAW format so I edited these pictures in Lightroom. They are all the exact same picture. I did minor basic adjustments to the first image that took twenty seconds. The second image is the same picture but I played with the hue and saturation levels. This took all of two minutes to do and I love the outcome. The third image I changed to black and white and worked with the darker levels and moved it onto Photoshop. While in there I did some final tweaking. I spent maybe three minutes on this image.

A picture can be ordinary or anything you want it to be all it takes is a little editing and one picture soon becomes three.

Manvel PhotographerManvel PhotographerManvel Photographer


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