Through the Jasmine| Sonya Lira Photography

Star Jasmine is a very fragrant easy to grow plant than winds around what ever it is close to.

These vines cross over and intertwine with each other on this wire fence. We lost two of our plants a few years ago. This year we will replace them as well as add in some more on the back lattice wall that is to the left of the gates. The back wall is about 7 foot tall lattice and it is the backdrop for our side deck.

Our barn can be seen through the gates. Our goal is for this entire fence and back wall to be solid jasmine.

The second view is straight ahead out the side deck this is our view directly into the pasture.

Bees are attracted to the jasmine flowers so if you are bothered by bees this is not the plant for you. They do not bother us we enjoy listening to them and neither of us are allergic to the honey bees.

Planting jasmine in your yard is something to think about and it sure does smell good.

Sonya Lira Photography JasmineSonya Lira Photography Jasmine fence


4 thoughts on “Through the Jasmine| Sonya Lira Photography

  1. Thank you. We love our jasmine.The smell is so amazing. This deck is outside our bedroom doors and I wish we had those screen doors for the french doors and I would open the doors for the smell. I might need to work on that LOL.

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