Dance of the Dew | Sonya Lira Photography

In the early morning hours you can go outside and the sunlight is perfect for catching dew drops on leaves.

This morning I set my sites on the grape leaves. The more dew the better the pictures seem to turn out. I love how the dancing beads are at the ends of the grape leaf waiting for their chance to fall to the ground.

Dew drops vary by the amount of moisture in the air and the time of day. As the sun comes up they dry up and go away.

Capturing a little magic early in the morning is always worth while.

Dew Drops Sonya Lira PhotographyDew Drops Sonya Lira Photography Dew Drops Sonya Lira Photography




10 thoughts on “Dance of the Dew | Sonya Lira Photography

    • Trent I am kind of partial to the first one also. I think it is because the drops are ready to fall and you have to wonder did it happen 1 at a time or together. I did not watch and see.

  1. Macro is quite interesting. Years ago I had a macro lens for my Canon film camera and I love it. With all the digital slrs I have had since I did not get a macro until last year. I think it was because I had to many other things to buy first. I am glad I have it I love using it. I need to use it a bit more in my portraits for some extreme close ups. I might try that with the twin granddaughters this week.

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