Red – Bellied Woodpecker| Manvel,Texas Photographer

Yesterday morning while looking out at the bird feeders I noticed a new bird it was a red – bellied woodpecker. This was the first time I had seen a woodpecker in the  bird feeders.

I turned around to get my camera and when I opened the curtain on the french doors it startled him and he flew away. I was thinking to myself I had just blown a  perfect photo opportunity. It was not but about five minutes and he came back. I am assuming he liked the bird feed. That was when I was able to grab a few pictures without him seeing me.

“All red – bellied woodpeckers show a black and white barred back, white uppertail converts, grayish white underparts, black chevrons on the lower flanks and undertail converts, and barred central tail feather.”

I found this information at the following link.

Red Bellied Woodpecker1Red Bellied Woodpecker 2



12 thoughts on “Red – Bellied Woodpecker| Manvel,Texas Photographer

  1. Great pics! I heard a jack hammer going off the other morning when I let my dog out for her morning business call, and since we live out in the country, I knew it wasn’t a jack hammer. Looking around I spotted a woodpecker pounding against a light pole that has been there for years! He was having a blast beating his beak against that pole. Hmmm…perhaps I should try it sometime. Thanks for the great pics!

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