Black and White | Pearland Photographer

Some Black and White pictures just stand out more than others.

A lot  of that has to do with the light and the contrast of the image. If there is enough of both it can be quite stunning.

This picture was taken outdoors but, I cleaned up around it to remove any light so that the entire thing was perfect.

This wild plant came up around our bird feeders. My husband thinks it is a type of wild broccoli it has yellow flowers and is about knee high.

This picture was taken with my Canon Macro 100 mm. 2.8L. I think I will get this one printed because I really do like the simplicity of it.

Beauty is everywhere but, sometimes you just have stop and take the time to capture it.

Black and White Flower Sonya Lira Photography


12 thoughts on “Black and White | Pearland Photographer

  1. This is absolutely stunning, you absolutely must print it. Great detail and perspective. I love how you eye is drawn right to the middle, but there is still a lot of interest around the peripheral with the open blooms.

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