Green Ivy | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Ivy is a fairly simple houseplant to grow.

A few years ago we added a screened in back porch to our house. It allowed us a place to go during the mosquito season. I moved all our ivy plants outdoors. They love the screened in porch. I had six of them and they all grew about five-six-foot in length with streamers all over. This was after I really scalped them fairly short from the previous winter.

This winter we moved them to our greenhouse. There is a heat lamp in there that does come on at night. For the most part they look fairly good there will be some cutting back to do.

I find that ivy’s love to be watered two times a week. Every now and then I give them a glass of old iced tea that is water down. They seem to like it.

I had noticed each morning the water from the plant seeps to the ends of the leaves. That is how I captured this picture. This is my water drop that you can actually see other ivy leaves through it.

Sometimes the simple things can make beautiful pictures.

Ivy Sonya Lira Photography


5 thoughts on “Green Ivy | Manvel, Texas Photographer

  1. Amazing! I think I’ll have a go at this type of a shot…though am sure that I’ll not come anywhere near your gorgeous click…but yours has inspired me to try something new!

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