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Make a Writing Prompt Your Own – Day 16 – Zero To Hero Challenge

Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

Our reputation is what others think of us it is something that can follow us around. Should we really care what anyone thinks about us? No not really because if you are a good person deep down inside you know this and no one needs to tell you this. If you do the right thing for the right reasons you know it.

When I think of reputations I thank my lucky stars I am not famous and on a tabloid magazine having my entire life ripped to shreds. The good the bad and the ugly are in those magazines.The half truths and mostly lies are in those magazines. I would say a good reputation is much better than a tarnished bad one.

Is a lie that is started by something like a magazine bad for your reputation? I would say yes and no first of all its free publicity, but do you really want the world to know you are having aliens baby?

As a Friend:

I am a very honest positive person who is a good friend to those who are a good friend to me. I trust easily, but I am not fooled easily. I can see though people like they are transparent. Do not talk crap about me and let me here it. Do not say one thing and do another. Do not lie to me. Do not be two faced. If you do any of these things you are officially on my list. Once you are on that list you have to earn my trust back, and that is not an easy thing to do. I tell it like it is and you may or may not can handle that but I do not sugar coat anything.

As a Blogger:

I feel the need to get out in the community I want to read other blogs and get to know other writers and photographers. I want to connect with those who live in my area or my state. I think of myself as a friendly blogger. I like to give positive feedback when I write comments on some ones blog. I love learning new things about blogging and WordPress I want my fellow bloggers to get to know me though my writing,my pictures and my blog.

As a Photographer

I feel my reputation is a good one people have told me they really enjoyed their photo session with me and were glad I did not look at my watch the entire time and rush them. People have told me my pictures are outstanding, and they love my work. I have been told I have so much patience with children. That is true it comes from my experience of being a mom and a grandmother.I think when you love what you do it really shows.

I collect photography props like most people collect socks. Just to give you an example I have six vintage suit cases. In fact I have an entire room for just props. I am a propaholic! This habit of mine sets me aside from the competition. I do not want to be like anyone else, and I do not want anyone else to be like me. I am the photographer who goes the extra mile for my clients.

Community Involvement

I like to give back to the community and surrounding areas. When you post, brag or announce the good things you do then you are doing them for all the wrong reasons. You need someone to say “oh you work with that organization that is great” you like the fanfare.

Never use a cause for your benefit. People can see right through that. I can see right through that. I know what I do and why I do it.There is never a need to announce it on facebook, my blog or in public. No one knows what I do or what organizations I work with. I will keep it that way thank you very much!

Only you know who you really are all others must figure it out. Feel free to follow my blogs and get to know who I really am and what I am all about.


3 thoughts on “The Good News About Reputations |Texas Photographer

  1. Sonya having experienced your blogger attitude firsthand I give a huge thumbs up to the ‘Friendly blogger’ repute of yours! And I don’t think ANYONE could handle getting up in the morning and having their mug stare out from a tabloid with the headline ‘The Alien Mom in your neighbourhood!’

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