Two brothers | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Andrew wanted me to do a few pictures of him and his brother Adrian in matching shirts. It seems that OshKosh has a lot of matching clothes for the two age brackets.

I have to say Andrew is the perfect big brother he is so loving and caring with all his siblings. He is really good to help his mom when she needs it we are very proud of him.

I am sure there will be more matching shirt pictures in the future.



Adrian’s 7-month pictures | Manvel, Texas Baby Photographer

Adrian is  7 1/2 months old and time keeps zipping past us all.

I take the grandchildren’s pictures every week for the first month and every month for the first year because babies change so much that first year it is so important to document it.

This is a good example of how it is like to photograph Adrian. I spent maybe 10 minutes in the studio with him and I had probably 15 good smiling pictures.

Like I have said many times before he is a photographers dream baby to photograph.

He is so happy all the time and he is always smiling and giggling. He has this cute little giggle that makes everyone around him laugh.

He curls his toes under when he really starts smiling big we are not too sure what that is about.



All natural portraits | Manvel, Texas Photographer

These two girls have never been crazy about doing pictures. Things always seem to get a bit complicated no matter how much planning I do ahead of time.

Today I was doing a few pictures of Adrian and Andrew and some of just Adrian and in between, they plopped down for pictures. I just started taking pictures and let them do their thing.

They were not dressed for pictures,  they had no hair bows or ponytails, they were chewing gum, had chipped nail polish but they turned out so cute.

I guess the moral of this story is never tell these two girls you are doing pictures even if you are planning on doing them just sort of sneak them in and all will turn out fine.





Adrian at 6 months

Adrian was 6 months old in these pictures and now it is time to do his 7-month-old pictures. Time has a way of getting away from you during the holidays when everything is so hectic.

He has been teething for awhile and seems to drool a lot. There are no teeth yet but I do think it will be soon.

Babies love being outdoors and we are so lucky that most of the time our weather allows this. He tried eating a few leaves but then he started crinkling them up. I think it is the noise he likes they make and the fact there were so many of them.

Adrian was wearing a hat his brother Andrew wore when he was a baby.

In the very last picture, he started laughing and lost his balance but the expression on his face was priceless. I love his crinkled up toes.

I looked back through his pictures I have taken since he was born and since he was 3 weeks old he has smiled in every photo session we have had. Out of all our grandchildren, he has been the one with the most smiles.

Capturing these young memories are so important because before you know it the babies are no longer babies and you wonder where did all the time go. Pictures always allow us the chance to go back in time.


After Christmas Sales

I have been going to all the stores and hitting the sales since Christmas. This is something I love to do but this year is the first time I have gone alone.

I have been to Macy’s, Kirkland’s, Joann’s Fabric, Petsmart, Ulta, Cosco, Yankee Candle Store, Hobby Lobby, Pier 1 and a few stores I probably forgot.

There are still plenty of great deals out there and many are now 75% off. Have you found any great deals?



Wintertime at the beach| Manvel, Texas Photographer

Friday we took off to catch the sunrise at the beach and we barely made it.

As soon as we pulled onto the beach the sand was instantly soft and my truck got stuck.  I think the wind had blown all the soft sand up closer than the normal areas for it.

I hopped out of the truck because it was already 7:09 a.m. and the sunrise was at 7:15 a.m. so I had no time to waste. Next time I am leaving sooner because the pre-sunrise colors were even prettier.

I grabbed a few quick shots then suggested to my husband that he put some wood I had spotted under the tires and voila we were out and driving down the beach. We did find a better place to get out at.

Daisy enjoyed running down the beach while holding her leash in her mouth she pretends to run herself. Sorry, I did not get a picture of that.

We only saw one other person out on the beach that morning.

It was a quick visit due to the cold but it was fun and Daisy enjoys getting to go somewhere.