Cutie pies and cupcakes | Pearland, Texas Photographer

We took the cutie pies to the cupcake store and did a photo session in their bright-colored  frilly outfits.

Our daughter had found these outfits awhile back and saved them just for this session. Last weekend their other grandmother gave them their heels they were so excited.

There is this cute cupcake store in Friendswood, Texas named ” Rise Cupcakes”. It has a beautiful all-white upholstered banquette, clear chairs, small tables, and concrete floors. I wanted to be able to use natural light and the big glass front window and door worked out perfect. 

It has always been such a challenge to get these two to do the same thing at the same time. This time, it actually went pretty good and that was probably because they were eating something.

In the first, second and third picture Karina is on the left Sophia is on the right. The fourth picture is Karina and the fifth is Sophia. In the first standing one, Sophia is on the left Karina is on the right. Since they switched sides a few times I really do not know who is who on the last one with their back turned.

These two girls weigh exactly the same down to the very ounce, they are exactly the same height, they wear the same size shoes and clothes. Apparently, this is unusual in twins.

Two-year-old twin girls with ruffles, jewelry, and high heels eating cupcakes what could be any cuter!

Pearland, Texas PhotographerPearland, Texas PhotographerPearland, Texas PhotographerPearland, Texas PhotographerPearland, Texas PhotographerPearland, Texas PhotographerPearland, Texas Photographer


Still art and the rain | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Yesterday it rained all day so that meant I was bored. When I can not be outside it drives me crazy. Even though it has been very hot I am in and out all day long.

I had picked some of the milo and other seeds the day before. I wanted to try some still art photography in the studio with the seeds.

Still, art is hard for me because it is outside my comfort zone. It challenges me which is a  good thing we all need to be challenged every now and then.

I played around with a few ideas and here are some of  those. None of these are really what I wanted.

I am not done playing around with these seeds I might try a few more ideas this week.

Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer

The color of seeds | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Our pet birds Kiwi a nanday conure and Lemon a cockatiel waste a lot of seed.

Rather than just throw it out we save it up and then toss it next to the fence in the pasture. This is our way of feeding the wild birds a little something extra.

You really never know what might come up because the wild birds eat some of the seeds before they make new plants.

This past week I spent some time with my macro lens taking a few pictures of some of the seeds. I love the colors of these milo seeds.

 Manvel, Texas Photographer Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer

Just say Ahhh | Manvel, Texas Pet Photographer

Last week I wanted to get a few pictures of Daisy.
This time, I wanted to try something a little different.

We went into the guest room and I had her jump on the bed. A boxer dog can be on a bed for about 1- minute and mess the whole thing up.

I opened the curtain and the blind to the single window but did not raise the blind.

The light was fantastic there is nothing more beautiful than natural light.

The window was to the right side of the picture you can see the window reflection in her eye.

I thought I had put on my Canon 50mm lens but the 28mm, 35mm and the 50mm are all similar in size and it is so easy to mistake one for the other. I had the 35 mm instead but it worked out great.

She was in about every position she could get in rolling around on the bed and being silly. All of a sudden she just stuck her tongue out while looking right at my camera. Lucky for me I was already focused and I was able to get this shot.

To me, this picture is saying “Just Say Ahhh” like when you’re at the Drs. office.
She might have been saying something else knowing Daisy.

Needless to say, I fell in love with this picture. I already placed a print order for a black and white print for my office and a larger color one for another project. I love getting large prints made of my favorite pictures.

Never underestimate a dog when taking their pictures sometimes they pose themselves perfectly.

Manvel, Texas Pet Photographer

WordPress storage space and upgrades

I am using 72% of the storage space that WordPress allows us on the free blogs.

We are allowed 3,072 MB and I am using 2,196.60 MB.

For $5.99 a month I can get 3 GB of space this one has the remove ads option and it has basic design customization.

For $8.25 a month I can get 13 GB of space. This one has advanced design customization and the remove ads option.

I really see no need in getting the one for $24.92 a month.

If you ran out of space and upgraded which choice did you make and why?

Are you happy with your choice?

When I was running two blogs this probably would not have happened for a long time but it was harder on me trying to keep up with two blogs. This blog will be 3 years old in January.