Gators in the swamp | Texas Photographer

Brazos Bend State Park is known for its alligators  but the last few times we have been out there we have not seen that many. On this day we actually spotted five of them.

Granddaddy gator sat off on an island with his mouth open which seemed a bit strange. As we walked off down the trail I turned around and poof he was gone. I told Jeanelle and the kids that we needed to walk just a little faster just in case he was after us. I really do not think he was but it was weird and we had never had that happen before.

When hunting for gators you need a big long lens. I was using my Canon  400mm 5.6L         This lens is very heavy but I catch myself dreaming of a longer lens.

The first two pictures are the same gator I just cropped one shot a little closer so you could get an idea of his size. He was a pretty big one.

The second gator thought he was hiding behind the water lilies he had no idea I could see him.

The third one was basking in a pile of debris from the swamp.

State park passes are cheap and they give you access to all the state parks in your state for a full year.

When you are walking down the trails and around the lakes there is not much telling what you might see but if you are lucky you will see a few gators.



Natural beauty | Manvel, Texas Photographer

This small herd of deer was grazing in the grasses at Brazos Bend Park. They did not seem to mind that we stopped the SUV to grab a few pictures.

Brazos Bend State park is about 5000 acres of natural landscape with all kinds of wildlife.

The deer, hogs, alligators, raccoons, squirrels, armadillos, birds and all the other wildlife need a place to call home and they are running out of space.

Our future generations deserve the chance to see the wildlife and learn about it. We all need to make sure that happens.



Reflections | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Friday our daughter her four children and I headed out to Brazos Bend State Park. It was a gorgeous day with cooler temperatures and we wanted to be outdoors for the day.

We left early and we walked a total of 12,000 steps at the park. No wonder the girls were so tired and passed out on the way back home.

I had my wagon for supplies or kids she had her double jogging stroller and her kangaroo pouch/ backpack for the baby. This was the girls first trip to Brazos Bend and they loved it.

We had a picnic and the kids played on the playground. We saw all kinds of butterflies, turtles, alligators, ducks, and birds. We spent about seven hours at the park it is very easy to lose track of time when you are out there so it is better not to be in a hurry.

Alligators like to bask in the sun during the warm weather since we had a cool front most of them were hiding.

We have decided we are going to start going out there at least every two weeks if not more.

Reflections are quite beautiful and I love to capture them.

There is nothing better than getting to spend the day with our daughter and grandkids. Getting to be outdoors on this beautiful day and enjoying nature at the same time was an added bonus.


Country life is changing | Manvel, Texas Photographer

In the 1930’s my husband’s grandfather Valentino and his brother Angelo bought land in Manvel for $15.00 an acre. They owned a dairy farm and eventually owned more than 300 acres.

Today that same land is worth $45,000 and acre and the demand for land here is quite high.

We have called Manvel our home for almost 38 years. Life here is quiet. peaceful and relaxing.

The sun rises across an empty pasture and the view is breathtaking in the early morning.

We can go into our backyard and sit and look at empty pasture and listen to the cows Moo. There is no traffic noise here and no hustle and bustle of city life.

You know all your neighbors and their dogs and cats.

Our small town of Manvel,Texas is exploding and it just happens to be one of the fastest growing towns in Texas.

I know that development is a good thing but it is taking over, closing in and soon all the wide open spaces will be gone.

What will happen to our future generations when there are no more wide open spaces? What will happen when there is no more green space?

At our house, the noises you hear are tractors, cows, roosters, sheep and dogs barking but that has all changed recently. The rumbling of big equipment clearing land that was once pasture land for cows, making roads that will be part of another subdivision.

This not only affects us but it affects the wildlife in our area where will all the wildlife go?

We were hoping this would wait until after we retired in a few more years but it is looking like it will be sooner. This is upsetting to both of us because we are really not ready to move.

It will be a sad day when the developers offer to buy my mother in laws land and our home and property. Not too many people can say they raised their family in one house and never moved. We will miss this place we call Home especially since we have been here so long. It does not matter how much money we are offered for our property we will be losing our home and that is what means the most to us.

When you have to think about what you will do when this happens it’s hard. We have no idea where we will go or what we will do but most likely we will head for the hills probably the Texas Hill Country. There we can find some land in the country where it is quite and peaceful. A wide open sky full of stars that is not polluted by city lights. We need a place free from the noise pollution of city life.

Where ever we go I need to hear the cows moo and be surrounded by wildlife. I want to watch the sunrises and the sunsets without anything interfering and blocking my view.

Life is changing, we are getting older and soon we will be looking for a new place to live. All we really know is we need to live in a place that is free from all this development. We need a place that has wide open spaces, fresh air, and nature.




I want to be a cowgirl | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Daisy is quite used to me doing photo sessions with her.

The studio sessions are always a challenge but I bribe her with treats so she will be still for a few minutes. Since she loves treats this works out pretty good.

I found the doggie cowboy while shopping one day and  I knew I had to get a matching bandana. After adding a few rhinestones we were ready to get dressed up.

She makes a cute cowgirl but that boxer face and personality goes a long way in a photo shoot like this.



Pelicans | Galveston, Texas Photographer

These  brown pelicans were just hanging out so I grabbed a quick picture. They’re feathers looked like brown velvet they are such beautiful birds.



Brown Pelicans – Galveston, Texas