Close Up

This week’s Daily post photo challenge is Close Up

Macro photography is all about the details and macro lenses are made to capture every single detail up close. I decided the cat eye was a good choice for this challenge.

Sonya Lira Photography

Sonya Lira Photography

The fallen oak tree | Manvel, Texas Photographer

This fallen oak tree looks like an alien arriving from outer space or maybe even a dinosaur. If you look at the back two trees as being legs it could be a transformer robot that turns into a tree. Maybe it is a part tree and part human creature.

Our imaginations let us visualize what we think it could be and we probably all see this as something different.

It is obvious that the bigger tree fell many years ago onto the two smaller trees and that is the green leaves were seeing in this picture. If you look closely there is no dirt on the bigger trees root ball and you can tell the wood is quite old and dried out. The back tree on the right hand side is starting to uproot from the weight of the bigger tree.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Albert Einstein


Sonya Lira Photography

Deep in the heart of Texas | Sonya Lira Photography

Deep in the heart of Texas there is a lot of farmland, barns,silos, tractors and equipment. We saw fields of cotton, milo, soybeans, rice and hay fields.

There were plenty of fields waiting to be cut and many that had been cut. We saw hay bails waiting to be moved from the pasture to the next stop.

We should be so proud of the farmers who have these big fields and still do the farming in our areas. It is part of the agriculture of our states it is part of the past and part of the future.

The sky was busting with those white puffy clouds I love which always makes every scene look just a bit better.

Manvel, Texas Photographer


Watercolor Effect | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Look at the backgrounds in these images. I love that watercolor effect. There was nothing done in post processing to get this look. This is a sign of a great lens my Canon 400 mm 5.6 L.  This is my wildlife lens and I use this lens all the time.

What was actually behind the feeders are some Crepe Myrtles that are in bloom. When taking pictures it is always important to look at your background and decide if you want it in focus or not. I realize you can not move a bird, but you can change the angle your shooting at and sometimes that is all you need.

I find most often I like my background blurred in my wildlife and flower pictures. There is nothing better than good bokeh. If I am taking pictures of a landscape I want my whole picture in focus most of the time. In portraits, it depends on where I am shooting at and what my background is.

A blurred background allows your subject to stand out more. Try taking a picture with the background in focus and blurred see which you like better.

Manvel, Texas Photographer Manvel, Texas Photographer

Bouquet in the sky | Manvel, Texas Photographer

The morning glory bush grows to about ten feet tall and creates this gorgeous bouquet in the sky.

The flowers are a pinky purplish and about 4 inches across. The blooms are so pretty but strictly a morning bloomer.

They are very easy to root in water and are a perennial. One year we had them all down a fence line in the pasture about a 50 foot long row of pinky purple flowers it was quite beautiful. That winter we had a few hard freezes so it killed them all of them but this one. We really should root some more.

Flowers in the sky on a beautiful new morning what more could anyone ask for.

Sonya Lira Photography

Sonya Lira Photography