It is that time of year| Manvel, Texas Photographer

The cows have had babies since last time they were in this pasture behind us.

A lot of time ranchers alternate pastures. Since this pasture is a Bahia field that gets bailed the cows are only let in this pasture when it is not muddy otherwise it would destroy the field.

I counted six calves at this time and they are all different colors. I am looking forward to getting plenty of pictures.

Here are a few shots of the littlest calf I saw with his mama. Let’s just say he is quite adorable.

Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer

Hiding in the tree

I always see the red-shouldered hawks around our house. Normally they are on the power lines as I am driving down the road or flying overhead when I am outside.

The best shots you see are always those when you do not have your camera with you.

It is rare for me to see one this close and be able to get my camera and get a picture. I could not go on the back porch because he would have flown off so I shot this picture from the den window.

He was just hiding in the trees and resting after flying around looking for his next meal. Hawks are quite beautiful and graceful when they fly.

Manvel, Texas Wildlife Photographer



This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is Time.

Technology has surely changed our cameras over time and they get better and better.

They Hawkeye Brownie Flash Model was produced from September 1950 – July 1961.

The AE-1 came out in 1976 and I got this one around 1980.

The Canon 50D came out in August 2008 and I got my first one of two of these cameras about 2010. These were great crop sensor cameras.

I currently shoot with the Canon 5D mark 2 which came out in September 2008 and I bought mine a few years later. This is my first full frame camera.

To get the best bang for your buck on the new more expensive digital cameras it is always better to wait one year or more after the release because that is when the price drops $500.00 or more.

Manvel, Texas Photographer


Bridges that cross the water

It takes Architects and Engineers both to design and build a bridge like this one.

The details, the arches, balancing the weight of the structure and all over water. Can you even imagine how long it took to build this bridge?

There is just something about bridges that intrigues me.

Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer


This week the Daily Post Photo Challenge is Vibrant

Last Friday I went to the beach with our daughter and our three youngest grandchildren. I could not help but notice how the children stood out against the neutral tones at the beach. Their reflections even looked vibrant in the water.

Manvel, Texas Photography

Ducks and Geese

We are so lucky to live nearby a few areas that have plenty of ducks and geese to photograph.

In the springtime, there are always little babies to see. They are always near their moms who whisk them away at the slightest hint of danger.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Positive People

A friend of mine sent me this via text message on Monday. She knew what kind of day I was having and she thought this might help.

This quote really made me stop and think about a lot of the people in my life. Sometimes no matter how hard we try or how much effort we put into our relationships with other people it is never enough.

Relationships are a 50/50 deal it takes two people to make it work.This is the same in every situation from mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sisters and even friends. One person can not make any of these relationships work by themselves you both have to put forth some effort to make the relationship work.

The negative people in your life will drain you and make you feel horrible about yourself even though you have done nothing wrong. The way they view their life will rub off on you.

The positive people in your life will make you feel good about yourself and you will  be happy. In return, you will spread that happiness around and pass it onto others.

I have come to the conclusion that I need a lot more positive people in my life.