Our senior dog is sixteen | Manvel Pet Photographer

When our older daughter Jennifer was 16 – years old she brought home this jet black puppy with a black tongue that we thought was a full-blooded chow. As she got older her hair was silky and long and not bushy like a chow. Even though, she had the bushy neck hair and the partially black tongue.

She has been a great dog and we call her Eye – Eye she turned 16 years old in February.

She is an inside dog but can get over heated pretty easily here in Texas. I give her a hair cut a few times a year but she really prefers to be left alone. As she has gotten older I try not mess with her on days I know she dislikes it. I had brushed her out right before pictures and she gave me dirty looks the whole time.

As dogs age, they require a bit more attention more than a puppy. Every morning she has to have eggs with meat, cheese or rice in them for breakfast. For dinner, she either has what we have or left overs from another night. I have been known to cook some ground beef and rice and pasta for her to have for her dinners.

Her hair is turning grey and she has lost most of her sight.She has lost some of her hearing, many of her teeth and about 1/3 of her weight. I never see her sit up anymore she either lays down or stands up and paces. She sleeps a lot during the day. This past winter was pretty tough on her getting up and down I do believe that was arthritis. She is a senior dog so this is all to be expected.

The vet said she is really doing good for a senior dog that is her age.

Every pet deserves to have their pictures taken and to be part of the family photo album.

Senior dogs that are this age are quite remarkable because most dogs do not live this long.

Eye- Eye was pretty cooperative during our short photo session  and I got a few pictures I really like a lot. I think she knew there was a reason to celebrate that she is a 16-year-old senior dog.

Sonya Lira Photography Manvel, Texas

Sonya Lira Photography Manvel, Texas

Sonya Lira Photography Manvel, Texas

Grackle feeding time | Sonya Lira Photography

The Great Tail Grackles are beautiful birds even though they are quite noisy at times.

Yesterday my timing just happen to be perfect I was able to capture a few grackles feeding on crawdad’s. I did not know even know they ate them.

I noticed the first thing they do is take the pinchers off the crawdad and sling them in the grass. That is pretty smart if you think about because I am sure those crawdad’s could latch onto a bird pretty quick.

I saw a few different grackles eat about three of them and then they left. There has been a lot of rain so that means plenty of crawdad’s for them to eat.

Sonya Lira Photography Manvel, Texas Sonya Lira Photography Manvel, Texas





Jasmine Entry | Brazoria County Photographer

This star jasmine is growing on the fence to the left of this gate entry and it has now cascaded  over to the other side.

The entry is amazing from either side, but this is the back side going into the side deck area. This is a great place to take portraits and it is always blooming around prom time.

The smell of star jasmine and the beauty of her vines are very rewarding in any landscape.

Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer

Blackberry season | Manvel, Texas Photographer

With all the recent rains, there will be plenty of domestic and wild blackberries this year.

The bad thing about too much rain is it seems to zap the flavor out of the berries. In other words, they are water-logged.

This is a picture of one of our domestic blackberry plants with its flowers and berries.

Manvel, Texas Photographer

Pink Feathered Beauty | Brazoria County Photographer

I have photographed the Roseate Spoonbill a few times but never this close up. I was so excited to see them again.

They are quite common in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas and when they spread their wings all you see is an explosion of pink feathers.

This bird and another were splashing in a water puddle even though they had a full lake behind them. Our recent rains offered shallow water in the grass and let me tell you they put on quite a show. By the time I got close enough to the two of them, the one had left but this pink lady stuck around and had her day of fun.

When photographing wildlife we see all colors but the pink of the Roseate Spoonbill  is so striking you will never forget it.

Manvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer

Early Bird

This week’s photo challenge on Daily Post was Early Bird.

I love taking pictures in the early morning hours. The light is new, crisp and clean and the light is a white light. The evening light is more of a golden light. When taking portraits I prefer the morning light.

Every sunrise is different, but the ones I like the most are the ones that have some clouds and tree silhouettes in them. I love them to have a lot of color.

Manvel, Texas Photographer