Roses in the rain | Sonya Lira Photography

I love the knockout roses especially since they bloom all year.

Blooms in December are spectacular add in some rain drops and I love them even more.

During the winter we have to hunt harder to find some pretty blooming things. Look around and see what you can find.

Knock Out Roses Manvel, Texas

Sleeping in the rain | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Have you ever noticed how often the birds are out in the rain?

It makes you wonder why they are not under the trees avoiding getting so wet.

Instead they are out in the middle of a rain storm singing and gathering up in their groups.

I caught this one sleeping in the rain today I hope he was not on guard duty.

Manvel, Photographer

Watermelons and Christmas trees | Sonya Lira Photography

Only in Texas would you see ripe watermelons in December.

We bought about five watermelons this year. We tossed them into a dirt hill in the pasture.

About three months ago we started seeing the vines growing like crazy. They must have spread out about a 12 x 12 area. Then we noticed a lot of watermelons.We figured the cold weather would come to soon and ruin the chances of them ripening. Boy were we ever wrong.

We have eaten a few of them and they have been super sweet. I guess the trick to growing watermelons in Manvel, Texas is to just toss the ones you have already eaten.

There are about twenty more besides this. None of these were planted they all came up from the seeds of the rinds we tossed out.

In Texas you never know what you might see.

Sonya Lira Photography


The colors of fall | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Fall is all about the color changes in the leaves and the leaves falling off the trees. In our  part of Texas there is not a lot of beautiful fall foliage.

We happen to have a cypress tree in our yard that is one of my favorite things to photograph. I love the leaves, colors, texture and everything about this tree.

When photographing anything you have to decide what are you focusing on. What is more important the foreground or the background or both.

When taking portraits your subject and their eyes should be what is the sharpest in the photograph. Often times this is not the case. If you can not tell what a photographer is focusing on then find another photographer.

I took these pictures with my Canon 100 MM 2.8L Macro lens. This lens is one of my favorite lenses.

Just by walking around and changing my view I was able to capture some dramatic pictures of the changing colors of the cypress tree and its branches.

Manvel Texas Photographer Manvel Texas Photographer Manvel Texas Photographer

Picture time | Sonya Lira Photography

When the grandkids get together it is time for a group picture.

These 6 spent the weekend together and had a really great time. There were laughs, giggles and lots of eating going on.

Can you tell which one was not in the mood for pictures?

Five girls to one boy maybe he just felt out numbered.



Things get crowded | Sonya Lira Photography

Have you ever noticed even birds have to deal with crowds?

This week starts the Black Friday sales. It use to be just one day. Now its a two week long event.

Be careful out there things can get crowded.

Bird Crowds Sonya Lira Photography


Little red bird | Texas Photographer

This juvenile red bird landed on the wire fence. He sat there as if the world was waiting for him. He had such confidence and seemed so proud of himself.

There is something about an old rusted fence, a young red cardinal and a blooming vine.

Manvel Texas Photographer Sonya Lira