Squirrel | Sonya Lira Photography

I have been getting to capture quite a bit of wildlife at my parent’s house.

This squirrel was coming in the yard to grab a snack or two. He ate a few crumbs then ran off to bury one of them. Then all of a sudden he went after the rolls we had thrown out for the birds. He took off with one of the rolls like he had found a grand prize.

Squirrels are so cute and have great personalities they are a lot of fun to watch.

Squirrel Sonya Lira Photography


Inca Dove | Manvel,Texas Photographer

Yesterday afternoon I saw this very small juvenile dove.This dove was different from the two kinds I normally see.

This is a Inca Dove.  What makes them so different is their dark brown feathers have edging on them and appear to be somewhat scaly. They stand out as if someone has painted the edges of each feather.

I found my information at the following link.  Inca Dove 

I love finding new birds, learning new things and most of all capturing this on camera.

Inca Dove Sonya Lira Photography Texas

Into the Light | Sonya Lira Photography

The golden beauty of a field of black – eyed Susan’s you will notice. Add in the golden evening light and you will love what you see.

For this picture I actually shot into the light to get this look. I love how it turned out. The softness and the surreal look of the flowers only adds to the picture.

Black Eyed Susan Sonya Lira Photography

Eastern Cottontail | Manvel, Texas Photographer

In Texas we have several kinds of rabbits but the most common one is the Eastern Cottontail.

They are spotted often in the late evening hopping across your yard looking for food and water. I captured this one the same day I captured the raccoon. This one was in the neighbor’s yard.

I love my Canon 400 mm lens it allows me to get much closer to nature.

Eastern Cottontail Texas Sonya Lira Photography

Raccoon’s in the backyard | Manvel,Texas Photographer

This is one of several raccoon’s my dad has been feeding for a few years.They live behind their house and they know when it is feeding time.

Raccoon’s tend to be a bit shy and are easily scared off. I had to be quite and not make any sudden movements so I could get a few pictures. I love this one with his tongue hanging out.

I guess my Dad has named a few of them because he said this one was not Bandit. Maybe this one was Rocky I will have to ask him.

I plan on trying to get a few more pictures. I know there are more raccoon’s I would love to get group shot.

Texas Raccoon Sonya Lira Photography