Things get crowded | Sonya Lira Photography

Have you ever noticed even birds have to deal with crowds?

This week starts the Black Friday sales. It use to be just one day. Now its a two week long event.

Be careful out there things can get crowded.

Bird Crowds Sonya Lira Photography


Little red bird | Texas Photographer

This juvenile red bird landed on the wire fence. He sat there as if the world was waiting for him. He had such confidence and seemed so proud of himself.

There is something about an old rusted fence, a young red cardinal and a blooming vine.

Manvel Texas Photographer Sonya Lira


Watercolor of a dove | Sonya Lira Photography

Sometimes I like to play with the art options in Photoshop.

There are a few options for paintings, drawings, sketches. You have to tweak them for your particular picture. Obviously some pictures turn out better than others.

I like the way this dove in flight turned out the background colors are truly amazing.

Texas Photographer Sonya Lira Photography

Macro of a Kalanchoe | Texas Photographer

Kalanchoe is a beautiful plant when it is blooming. I have several different colors of them.

Right now this particular plant has the red tipped leaves. I have a few others that are just solid green.These were shot using my Canon Macro lens.

I like the macro pictures of this particular plant. From the morning dew to the layers of petals stacked one inside the other.


Manvel Photographer

Manvel Photographer


Light and angles | Texas Photographer

When you are taking pictures you can change everything with the angle you are shooting and the light you shoot in. The time of day always makes a big difference. These were taken as the sun was rising.

For these pictures I was using my Canon 100 mm 2.8 L Macro lens. I love the detail this lens gives me.

I like shooting in the early morning light. In these pictures the dew on the flowers is amazing and the petal edges really stand out.

Try taking some flower pictures using different angles and see which angle you like the best.

Manvel, Photographer Sonya LiraManvel, Photographer Sonya Lira


Manvel, Texas Photographer Sonya Lira

Ready, Set, Jump |Pet Photographer

Photographing dogs can be so much fun.

This image was actually shot last year and I recently ran across it.

A boxer in the studio can offer a great challenge. Daisy is a hyper active dog and is always jumping, running, and rolling around.

Can you tell which image is actually the real one?

When taking pictures of dogs try to make it fun for them by using toys that squeak to get their attention. Always use treats as a reward.

When looking for a photographer make sure you pick one that will take the time to capture you dogs true personality. This shot actually catches Daisy’s true personality and shows how active she really is. I love this picture.

Pet Photography Manvel, Texas

Manvel,Texas Photographer