My Muse

This week’s photo challenge on Daily Post is Muse

I would consider wildlife one of my muse. When I get a chance to photograph any type of wildlife life it makes my day.

I went through my gallery and created a new gallery to show a few of my pics. Birds, butterflies, bees, lizards, turtles, alligators, squirrels, rabbits snails,grasshoppers and worms are just a few things I have a photographed.

There are so many things to photograph and getting a chance to photograph something new is always at the top of my list.


Cats can smile | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I was outdoors taking a few pictures and someone decided they needed some attention.

Since I had the macro lens on the camera I decided to try for some super close-ups of a cat’s face. It seems Mr. Stripes can smile for the camera on cue.

It does not matter if I am in the yard or the pasture these cats follow me to see what I am doing. They are quite snoopy and curious.

Any time you take a portrait the focus should always be on the eyes.

CatCloseup Sonya Lira Photography

Gulf Coast Toads | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Gulf Coast Toads are everywhere this year. W have so many stages of young frogs you seriously have to watch where you step.

Our yard seems to have 100’s this year and they are so much fun to watch hop around.

I love seeing the frogs and I am glad they like our yard.

Manvel, Texas Toads


All in a row | Texas photographer

Here is a picture of the power line transmission towers this time it is a long row of them.  I love the industrial look of these towers. They remind me of robots for some reason.

The towers showed up quite well due to the dark sky often times they sort of blend in with the sky and you really do not notice them at all.

Taking pictures of stuff like this can be quite fun especially if you edit with a little HDR  that gives it that surreal look.

Manvel Texas Photographer

A work of art | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Sometimes a weed in a pasture can be over looked. You will walk right past it never paying any attention.

When you have your camera in your hands that is when a weed is not really just a weed. It becomes a work of art. The camera changes the way you see everything and how you look at everything in the world.

Maybe we all should slow down, take a deep breath and open our eyes a little bit wider to see the beauty of nature. It is right in front of us we just have to take the time to see it.

Manvel, Texas Photographer


Roy G. Biv

This weeks photo challenge on daily post is ROY G. BIV

It stands for the colors of a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo and violet.

We’re suppose to post a picture with those colors so here is mine plus a few extra colors.

Colors Sonya Lira Photography

Guilty boxer| Manvel, Texas Photographer

While I was outdoors taking a few pictures I could not help but notice Daisy standing by the bird bath.

She had her tennis ball on the ground I asked her if she was about to drink out of my bird bath that was when she put her nose against it avoiding looking at me. It was so obvious she was going to do that very thing. Then when she did look up and looked the opposite way I know she was thinking I might forget about what she was about to do.

Boxers can not hide their guilt their looks give them away every time. I love my guilty looking Daisy dog.

Manvel, Texas Pet PhotographerManvel, Texas Photographer