Time flies by so fast

It seems so long since our 4 –  year old grandson was this small. I actually took his  pictures every month for the first year.

I had a list of  photography sessions I wanted to do with him and we got them all done plus a few extra ones.

Taking pictures of children when they are young is very important. It is the only  way you can look back at the  past.

He will be getting a little brother in May so I need to be planning out his pictures.

His twin sisters were never as cooperative as he was. They always do two different things or look two different directions. Although their last photo session we had they did do better than any other time.

Take pictures so you will have those memories to look back on. Get a photographer to capture memories of your family at least a few times a year.

I am thankful I am able to capture these special milestones of my grandchildren’s lives.


The best deals

Going shopping on Black Friday is something I enjoyed for years. I no longer do this because it’s just dangerous people are pushing and shoving and I hate it.

I prefer to do most of my shopping online. I have Amazon prime so I can get free shipping on most everything I need to buy. Most stores will offer free shipping during the pre- Thanksgiving Day sales or on Cyber Monday.

I am trying to get into the mood to get my Christmas shopping done. I have bought a few gifts, but I am nowhere near done.

I find it a bit strange this year that so many stores are doing Pre- Thanksgiving day sales.

If you would please share your experiences with us.

  1. Do you go Black Friday Shopping if so what are you looking for?
  2. Do you think it saves you enough money to justify fighting the crowds of people on Black Friday?
  3. Do you shop online if so how much shopping do you do online?
  4. Do you think Cyber Monday deals are as good of deals as Black Friday deals?
  5. What is the best deal you have seen so far?

Just in case you have not seen the sale papers yet here is a link to all the Black Friday Sales and some online sales.

I am thankful I will not be fighting the crowds this year but instead enjoy the online shopping.

Black Friday Sales



What happened to the fireflies?

When I was a little girl I remember my sister and I running through the yard with a jar in our hands trying to catch fireflies.

They were all over the place 100s of them I think we actually caught a few and put them in a jar for a little while and then let them go.

When our children were young we saw them but not often.

I never see them anymore what happened to the fireflies?

I know they live in the summertime. They are not really a fly at all but instead they are a beetle they spend most of their lives up to two years living underground as a grub. When you see the lightning bugs or fireflies that is actually their last two weeks to live. They use their lights to communicate with each other.

I did some reading and some people think it has been the recent droughts in Texas, light pollution, fire ants or the marshes being taken over by development.

Whatever the reason I sure do miss the fireflies.

I am thankful for the fireflies and I sure do hope they come back to Texas.

This picture was found on the website Fire Fly Experience they have some beautiful pictures of them check it out.  Fire Fly Experience


Life lessons

I think we all grew up and learned a few life lessons

  1. Never talk back. – This one was hard, especially during your teen years.
  2. Do what your told to do. – What kid ever cleaned their room the first time.
  3. Be Polite –  Always say please and thank you.
  4. Forgive and Forget- When someone is mean to you just let it go.
  5. Apologize – to those you hurt say I am sorry.
  6. Focus on the present not the past. – Do not keep looking back at the past focus on the present.
  7. Learn from your mistakes – If you do something wrong next time do it right. Do not do the same thing over and over again.

Life’s lessons are something we have all learned through the years.

I am grateful for the life lessons I have learned. I think they have made me a better person.