Dance of the Dew | Sonya Lira Photography

In the early morning hours you can go outside and the sunlight is perfect for catching dew drops on leaves.

This morning I set my sites on the grape leaves. The more dew the better the pictures seem to turn out. I love how the dancing beads are at the ends of the grape leaf waiting for their chance to fall to the ground.

Dew drops vary by the amount of moisture in the air and the time of day. As the sun comes up they dry up and go away.

Capturing a little magic early in the morning is always worth while.

Dew Drops Sonya Lira PhotographyDew Drops Sonya Lira Photography Dew Drops Sonya Lira Photography



A New Dove | Sonya Lira Photography

This afternoon after I got back from my shopping I looked out the door and I saw this Dove.

The color was like an off white not a silver or brown like the doves I see daily. She really stood out so I grabbed my camera. I am not sure if you would classify this dove as a white dove since it is not all white you can see some off white spots.

I love to look out at the  bird feeders and find new visitors I have not seen before. You never know what you might see just by taking the time to look.

Dove Sonya Lira Photography

Dove Sonya Lira Photography

Dove Sonya Lira Photography

The Mockingbird Songs |Manvel Photographer

The Northern Mockingbird is our state bird of Texas.

They are known for their songs but they can mimic other birds, insects, amphibians and the call of other birds. They can switch sounds so fast and so rapidly you will think there are all kinds of birds around you when it is just one mockingbird. Often times if you watch when they are whistling a group of birds will come land in the same tree. I think they are playing games with the other birds when this happens.

I was headed outside yesterday when this bird landed on our side deck fence. He hopped across the top of the fence and pretended to hide in the jasmine. I was able to get a few great pictures of him on our rain gauge then he flew into one of our old oak trees. That was when he started whistling the most beautiful songs very fast I love listening to them.

There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of nature but often times we forget that it is there for us to enjoy. Take the time to turn the television off, turn your music off, set your phone down and go outside and listen to natures song.

Northern Mockingbird Sonya Lira  PhotographyNorthern Mockingbird Sonya Lira Photography

Red – Bellied Woodpecker| Manvel,Texas Photographer

Yesterday morning while looking out at the bird feeders I noticed a new bird it was a red – bellied woodpecker. This was the first time I had seen a woodpecker in the  bird feeders.

I turned around to get my camera and when I opened the curtain on the french doors it startled him and he flew away. I was thinking to myself I had just blown a  perfect photo opportunity. It was not but about five minutes and he came back. I am assuming he liked the bird feed. That was when I was able to grab a few pictures without him seeing me.

“All red – bellied woodpeckers show a black and white barred back, white uppertail converts, grayish white underparts, black chevrons on the lower flanks and undertail converts, and barred central tail feather.”

I found this information at the following link.

Red Bellied Woodpecker1Red Bellied Woodpecker 2


Fuzzy Rose Bud | Sonya Lira Photography

This is a knock out rose bud.

This morning while I was out there bright and early I was able to capture the fuzz on this bud. I never knew they had rose bud fuzz. I took this picture with the Canon 100 mm Macro 2.8L.

Our roses are gorgeous right now we fed them used coffee grinds two weeks ago. It really makes the bloom a lot.

knock out rose bud




Tail feathers in the air | Manvel Texas Photographer

Never get caught with your tail feathers in the air.

The first shot I could not resist it was too funny.

The second shot I liked because he turned to look at the light which made his eyes really pop naturally.

Blue Jays are such beautiful birds I love the colors of blue in their feathers.. I have a few  blue jays that are around all the time so I am able to get some really good shots of them.

Sonya Lira Photography

Manvel Texas Sonya Lira

Daily Post Challenge – Threshold

Daily Post Challenge – Threshold

When new leaves appear it is time for a new beginning. The beauty as they emerge is really amazing.

The grapes vines have been dormant all winter and this is a few shots of what is going on as we have entered the springtime.

This challenge can be found here:

Grapes Sonya Lira Photography