Juvenile Cardinal | Manvel, Texas Photographer

I love red birds they are one of my favorite birds.

There have been five juvenile birds hanging out together when I feed. They zip in and out and eat quite a bit. Sometimes a few will eat together and other times I have noticed some are a bit bossy and chase off the other ones.

They are starting to change colors I love it when I can capture them in this stage of their life. The females get the red on their crowns, wings and tails and the males get a bright red all over.

Look at that confidence this female has while guarding her seed.

juvenile red bird


Grape Harvest | Sonya Lira Photography

We have eighteen grape plants that are about four years old.

We built a large arbor that is about 12 foot wide x 25 foot long and 10 foot high.The grapes seem to grow inside the arch of the arbor which makes it perfect for photographing them.  There is a nice shade under the arbor the grape leaves are large and cover nicely.

We picked three gallons this year and left another two gallons on the vines for the wildlife. With my shoulder surgery I could not pick anything above waist level.

Last year my mother in law made wine from the grapes. This year my mom, daughter and I will make grape jelly from the ones we picked.  We have made mulberry jelly and blackberry jelly in the past.

There are at least eight varieties of grapes we have growing including a few green eating grapes. Those have not done very good. We started this project to have a nice covered arbor and we ended up being able to grow them quite well.

Planting something that fruits is always rewarding. Our next project is to  plant some fruit trees.

Grapes Sonya Lira PhotographyGrapes Sonya Lira PhotographyGrapes Sonya Lira Photography




Mirror image | Sonya Lira Photography

I love watching the birds at the feeders. Doves seem to be very trusting and are not easily scared off.

As I sat in the chair on our side deck I watched the dove on the left leave its feeder to join the one on the right. I was about 15- feet from them.

The two sat there and it looked as though they were a mirror image. They seem to be mesmerized by each other.

You have to wonder what they were thinking. “Have we met before”, “You look like someone I know”. ” Do you mind if I join you”.

Birds are a lot like people they seem to have this general curiosity about each other. They seem to like to socialize and boss each other around.

Manvel Texas photographer Sonya Lira



Ballerina Angel Trumpet | Sonya Lira Photography

The other day I was taking pictures of the Ballerina Angel trumpet. I actually did a post on these lovely flowers. There are quite a few stages this flower goes through before it blooms. I decided she deserved a second post with a few other pictures I have taken.

The first stage is quite unusual looking especially when you are using a macro lens to capture it. It really does not look like it is going to be a flower at all. It seems to look more like a creature of some kind.

I see why it is called the “Ballerina Angel Trumpet” because as it is opening the ballerina is on her toes ready to dance.

The final stage is quite remarkable snow-white flowers that seem to have such grace about them.

Beauty is all around us we just have to take the time to look for it, watch it, and most of all capture it with our cameras.

SonyaLiraphotographyAngeltrumpetbloom Angel Trumpet Sonya Lira PhotographyAngel Trumpet Sonya Lira Photography


The morning light | Sonya Lira Photography

The first early morning light is really amazing I love it.

This Chi – Chi had 3 blooms in a row as the sun was rising. I could not resist taking a picture.The dew scattered across the petals as if it were glitter.

Everyday we have the chance to see something new. It is just a matter of taking the time to notice it.

I love taking pictures first thing in the morning it is my favorite natural light to work with.

Manvel, Texas Photographer


Blackbird posing | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Yesterday morning I caught this blackbird posing on top of a crepe myrtle branch.

He was still as a statue and just stunning. I think he was telling me ” this is my territory” when he kept chattering while I was taking his picture.

Sometimes wildlife appears to pose for us photographers.





Lettuce gone to seed | Sonya Lira Photography

Sometimes it is fun to let lettuce go to seed just so you can watch all the changes it goes through.

At first you will notice changes in the plant. The middle section makes a tall shoot. In this particular picture it had a great color in the branches, stems as well as the flowers.

I love the color combination it produced and I am glad I was able to capture it during this step.

If you wait long enough sometimes you can get a pretty amazing picture of something you thought had seen it’s better day.

Manvel, Tx Photographer