The monarch and the wisteria | Manvel, Texas Photographer

This pretty little butterfly kept trying to land on the wisteria, but every time she would  try the bumble bees would chase her away. She kept leaving and making wide circles and then she would try again. She was quite determined.

Finally about 30 – minutes later I was able to get a few pictures. I had to be quick because those bumble bees were flying in mass numbers around the wisteria.

I love butterflies and the monarchs are one of my favorites.

Monarch Butterfly in Texas

Cats in the wild | Texas Photographer

This is Mr. Bird he got his name when he was little because he liked to sit on your shoulder perched like a bird.

Cats are curious by nature. When you let an indoor cat outdoors it is quite funny to watch them act like they are in the wild.

They  have to explore everything, they walk slowly and keep their eyes wide open.

They hunch down as if they are preying on something and stalking it.

Mr. Bird loves his outside time and getting to explore. If he gets too hot he will come to my computer room window to let me know he wants back in again.

I love pet photography and trying to capture images of animals just being natural.





Wildflowers for mom | Manvel, Texas Photographer

When you were a little child do you remember seeing wildflowers pop up after a rain?

It was almost like the rain brought the seeds for the flowers and overnight these pretty little white flowers would show up. These have always been some of my favorite wildflowers.

My sister and I use to pick these flowers for our mom. We would see who could pick the most and we would be running through the yard gathering our bouquets of flowers. Many times when we would get back in the house we would notice a few did not have stems. Our mom would still manage to put them all in a vase for us to see.

Years later when we had children they use to pick these same flowers for me. Often times there were no stems on them just the flower.

I saw these little flowers the other day after a rain and it brought back so many memories for me. Sometimes it is the little things in life that mean so much.

Sonya Lira Photography Sonya Lira Photography



Azaleas in the landscape | Manvel, Texas Photographer

We planted these Azaleas about 33 years ago. These are the old fashion Azaleas that bloom in the early spring. They have never disappointed me they bloom a lot.

I wanted these in our yard because my grandmother loved her azaleas so much. We took her advice and were very successful adding these into our landscape.

In the past, the March winds have always blown the blooms off. This year it was more rain than wind, but I was able to capture a few good pictures.

The impact azaleas can have on a landscape is pretty amazing. The newer varieties bloom most of the year instead of just the spring. We would love to have some of these to plant in our backyard. We just need to figure out the location.

Springtime is an amazing time of the year. The clean fresh smell of the air, the flowers blooming everywhere and the bright green grass is truly refreshing.

Azalea Texas

Texas Azaleas

Texas Azaleas

Texas Azaleas



Tangerine crossvine | Texas Photographer

The tangerine crossvine is a very showy plant when it wants to be.

Rooting this type of plant is pretty easy.The best way to do this is to take a pot of dirt then lay a vine that is long and still attached to the plant into the dirt and cover it with more dirt.Water it a few times a week. In just a short while, the new plant will be rooted in the new dirt. That is when you can cut it away from the original vine. You can pretty much do this with any woody stalk plant or vine.

This particular plant has never really bloomed a lot. I thought it was due to the fact there is a lot of shade where it is at. A few days ago all of a sudden it exploded with blooms like it was trying to compete with the other things in the yard that were blooming. It will continue to bloom until frost and get more leaves and stretch out its boundaries.

Our goal was to try to cover a fence with this one. Having fences covered in different colors of vines can be pretty amazing.

Springtime is like a burst of color everywhere you turn just open your eyes and enjoy the view.

Crossvine Texas

Crossvine Texas

Crossvine Texas


The beauty of spring | Sonya Lira Photography

The first day of spring was yesterday. It has been a very long winter for most of the United States. Even here in Texas our winter was long and cold.

We have so many things blooming in our yard right now. I will be doing a few post over the next few days showing off all the colors of spring.

There is nothing more beautiful than a fence line of wisteria and the smell is so amazing. The bees are out in full force pollinating the flowers and the fruit trees.

In about another week, this fence line will be solid purple. That is when I can get some really great pictures. Right now, they are just scattered across about 60 foot of fence.

Springtime is when we all wake up from the long winter it is a time for fresh air and sunshine.

Brazoria County Photographer

Brazoria County Photographer


Brazoria County Photographer Sonya Lira

Yellow Rumped Warbler | Texas Photographer

This little bird is the ” Yellow Rumped Warbler”.They are not a very big bird, but the yellow makes them show up as their flying past you. It also makes them fairly easy to spot in a tree.

This was my first year to get to see these little birds.They make a really sharp chirp and it is quite soothing to listen to.

The sounds of nature are so calming and it seems to soothe the soul.

Yellow Rumped Warbler Texas