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I have reorganized my photo gallery and it now includes most of the images on this blog.

I have it broken down into categories to make it easier to view.

Here is the link Photo Gallery

I am looking for some feedback and suggestions. If you know of a way for me to improve my gallery please let me know.



Rain drops and tail feathers | Texas Bird Photographer

This picture was taken on a rainy day. As you can see on this Doves tail feathers there are drops of rain. I grabbed this picture right as she was puffing up to shake off some of the rain.

I have decided Doves are just very photogenic birds.

Texas Dove Sonya Lira Photography



The acorns are falling | Manvel, Texas Photographer

We have a thirty plus year old oak tree that drops a lot of acorns. If your not careful they can hit you in the head.

I love photographing them they are so unique. This is part of fall in our part of Texas we do not see a lot of fall foliage. The colors of the acorns are so pretty oranges, browns,tans and beige. Every acorn is just a little bit different in texture, color and look. Every hat is a little different.

These were all shot with my Canon –  100 mm 2.8L macro lens.

acorns oak tree Sonya Lira Photographyacorns oak tree Sonya Lira Photographyacorns oak tree Sonya Lira Photography


Splish Splash / Manvel, Texas Photographer

Doves do not seem to care if it is raining or not they are going to eat their bird seed.

I will not see any other birds in sight when it is raining just the doves. The water in the feeders can not drain fast enough so they end up holding water. The birds go dunking for seed because they want to eat.

This particular day I found them splishing and a splashing. I am quite lucky I was able to capture this on camera. They seem to dive down for a seed and come up shaking the water off which is part of the splashing.

Even birds like to have a little fun

Texas Dove Sonya Lira Photography Doves1SonyaLiraPhotographyTexas Dove Sonya Lira PhotographyTexas Dove Sonya Lira Photography

Fall grasses | Texas Photography

The tall grasses in the pasture turn colors in the fall.

The spikes are like feathers flying in the wind.

The grass goes to seed and that is when it takes on its golden beauty.

Texas grasses Sonya Lira Photography

Texas Grasses Sonya Lira Photography

Black and White | Sonya Lira Photography

The doves have been quite hungry I think it is because the weather has gotten a little bit cooler. They dig in the seed and throw it as seen in this picture. I have not noticed the other birds doing this.

I have taken some amazing shots this week of them in landing and taking off from the feeders. Some dove share really well and others do not like sharing.

I played with this picture in color & black and white. The black and white looked good. Then I decided to add an overlay to see what that looked like. It was amazing what that texture did to this image. I think the texture accented the movement of the birds wings.

Not every picture looks great in black and white and not every picture looks good with an overlay. This one I liked a lot and I might have to get a large print of it for our home.

Doves Sonya Lira Photography